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Japan WiFi access point search

2.24 usd

This app will search the public Wi-Fi access point · Wi-Fi spots.Search range is 250m ~ 1km.You can see a lot of video, and crazy to become a communication game,In Japan, you may end up regulated by the amount of communication.Through the use of public Wi-Fi access points,You can enjoy the Internet without having to worry about the regulations.Also in general, Wi-Fi is a communication speed is faster than the mobile communication.
Wi-Fi access points, etc. So you have been installed many cafes,While drinking tea or coffee, it is possible Internet use to relax.
!! Not only mobile communications, let's use the Wi-Fi. !!
The W-Fi access point is common, but in advance is required contract with the company provider, just a simple registration, you may access points available for free.
==========Available provider(29 types)
DoCoMo Wi-FiSoftBank Wi-Fi spotBB mobile pointau Wi-Fi SPOTFLET'S SPOT(NTT East)Hikari STATION(NTT East) *available free with Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi appFLET'S SPOT(NTT West)Wi2 300Wi2 300 optional pointWiFiSquare *ID required(free)UQ Wi-FiOCN mobile ONE Wi-Fi spotFREESPOT *required mail registration(free)FreeMobile *freeFC2WiFi *FC2ID required(free)fon *registration required(free)7spot *required mail registration(free)Family Mart Wi-Fi *required mail registration(free)CATV Wi-Fieo mobile Wi-Fi spotDoSpot *required mail registration(free)at_STARBUCKS_Wi2 *required mail registration(free) *available global IDJapan Connected-free Wi-Fi *required dedicated app(free)Fukuoka City Wi-Fi *required registration(free)Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi *required registration(free)Osaka Free Wi-Fi *required mail registration(free)Osaka Free Wi-Fi Lite *required registration(free) *15min,4times/1daySynapse Wi-Fi spot *free *in Kagoshima==========
Access point's Data will be updated. (Updated, 2016 Apl)I am always waiting for the app review. Enjoy JAPAN!